The Zombie Collective is a utility-focused NFT project that blends incredible artwork, leading influencers from the world of finance, exclusive VIP live experiences and access to game-changing content focused on making holders more financially independent.

They're coming.

Members of the Zombie Collective community will have an opportunity to connect with our Alpha Zombies through Discord and in-person events. More than just influencers, these pros have a vested interest in the success of the project.

Join our Discord as we continue to reveal more about the members of our Alpha Zombies and the benefits of owning a Zombie.
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The Roadmap


Community Building

The Zombie Team will be attending and hosting panels at live events and conferences in addition to hosting weekly Twitter Spaces


Zombie Holder Chats

Those with a Zombie NFT will be able to join our discord chat for holders to gain exclusive access to promotions and communication with our Alphas and like minded people


Whitelist & Public Mint

Whitelist sale: Live NOW

Public sale: Monday, August, 1st, 2022


Unique Access Pass

  • Access to the alphas
  • Exclusive market insights
  • In person events (VIP dinners, parties, conference)

The Alpha Zombies

The Alpha Zombies are some of the most notable members of finance’s “smart money” club. More than just influencers, our Zombies are recognized leaders in the finance and crypto space.
Jon Najarian
Jon Najarian played for the Chicago Bears and previously worked as a floor trader. He Founded Mercury Trading and Co-Founded optionMonster and tradeMonster.

He partnered with General Atlantic Partners and in 2016 they sold the firm to E*Trade for $750 million.

Now Zombie J is an options trading expert and pioneer. He can be seen weekly on CNBC on the “Halftime Report” and “Fast Money” shows.

In 2016 he co-Founded Market Rebellion, a company focused on educating the individual investor.
Anthony Scaramucci
Anthony Scaramucci is the founder and managing partner of @skybridge, a global alternative investment firm, and founder and chairman of @SALT, a thought leadership forum encompassing finance, technology and geopolitics.

Previously he has worked in private wealth management at Goldman and Sachs. He is a known influencer in crypto and global finance, an author, and the host of @moochfm. Many of you may know him from his time on President Trump’s Transition Team.
Pete Najarian
Pete Najarian played several years in the NFL and has become an industry expert in stocks, options, and trading. He Founded Mercury Trading and Co-Founded optionMonster and tradeMonster.

Along with his brother, Jon Najarian, Pete co-Founded Market Rebellion, a company focused on educating investors. They also invest in and work with startups via Rebellion Partners. You’ll find him on CNBC on the “Halftime Report” and “Fast Money” shows.
Tom Lee
Tom Lee (not the drummer😉) is the co-founder of @Fundstrat and @FS_Insight and is recognized as one of Wall Street’s top-ranked institutional analysts.

The former chief U.S. Equity Strategist at JP Morgan is on a 🚀 to give individuals the research and tools to level the playing field. He is a full-time contributor to CNBC and his area of expertise includes Macro Strategy, Cryptocurrency, Digital Assets, and Wireless Services.

The Team

Matt Fellows
The man, the myth, the legend. He’s the creative genius that birthed the Zombie Collective movement. Drawing on inspiration from Warhol, Voka, Pop Art, and Graffiti, he unearthed the zombie within, and we can’t wait to reveal more of what this incredible artist is capable of.
Marc LoPresti
The Devil's Advocate
This zombie is a venture capital investor and authority on alternative investing. After raking in the dough, he crossed over to the undead and is now cranking out contracts and expanding the zombie network.
The Noodle
Serial entrepreneur who has been involved in a number of different crypto projects. He’s gone from being the man in the chair to being the zombie that brings the technical muscle to the Zombie Collective.
Steven Fox
Barn Stormer
An innovator and entrepreneur with experience in several government agencies and crypto projects. Utilizing his networking capabilities this zombie is leading the Collective looking for zombie conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Best A's to Your Q's.

What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are digital assets that are unique and one-of-a-kind. Most of the valuable NFTs will have a utility attached to them, such as access, admission, or gifts. An owner of an NFT can prove their possession with an encrypted key often in the form of a random string of numbers.

What is the Zombie Collective Honorary NFT?

ZCH is an exclusive collection of NFTs where the goal is to create a highly exclusive crypto community with access to celebrity influencers and admission to events that are at the forefront of finance, technology, and thought leadership.

You can think of our NFTS much like a ticket. You cannot split it with someone, but you can use the image to flex that you are on the inside of this growing community, and as your proof of ownership.

Why Do I Want a ZCH NFT?

There are many perks to being inside an exclusive community like this one. If you are tired of watching everyone else in the crypto space make an absolute fortune while you simply cannot figure out how to do the same, this will become your golden ticket. Joining our Discord will get you on the inside of the community and then the Zombie Collective Honorary Drop will give you the chance to get within the Crypto/NFT space.

Buying vs. Minting: What’s the Difference?

If you go to an exchange like OpenSea, you can choose any NFT you want, and then pay to own it. In this transaction, you are buying the NFT and it is transferred to you because it has already been encoded within the blockchain.

ZCH is a pre-minted project, meaning you will be the first person to own the NFT when you make the original purchase through our website. In simple terms, minting an NFT refers to the process of turning a digital file into a crypto collectible or digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain. The digital item or file is stored in this decentralized database forever, and it is impossible to edit, modify, or delete it.

Once you have minted the NFT, your proof of ownership can be verified on the blockchain, and it is yours to use or sell.

Who are the Honoraries in Your Collection?
  • Jon Najarian
  • Tom Lee
  • XXX
  • XXX
What is a Whitelist?

A whitelist is a guarantee that a person can buy (or mint) an NFT. To get on a whitelist you have to go through the process of getting your Ethereum address pre-approved. The purpose of a whitelist is to reward early supporters and those who spread the word. Additionally, the whitelist prevents “gas wars”. For the ZCH we are limiting the number of spots on the whitelist.

How Can I get on the Whitelist?

To get whitelisted, work your way up to level 5 within the Discord by engaging authentically in the community! The more messages you send, the higher your level rises. If we see you trying to manipulate the system you will be banned. Once you are level 5 you are automatically added to the whitelist.

If you follow us on Twitter, we will be running frequent promotions and giveaways where you can get yourself on the whitelist.

What are Gas Fees?

Simply put, gas fees are the cost of a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the fee paid to miners for validating a transaction on the network. The more transactions that happen at one time on the network, the higher the gas fees. A whitelist helps to reduce the # of transactions happening at any one time. You can think of gas fees similar to the tax you pay when purchasing something.

What Blockchain is ZCH Minted on?

The ZC collection will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.